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Emilie Mover adds Cole Porter-inspired smoky jazz sophistication to her gently strummed coffeehouse tunes, calling to mind early Norah Jones. Her voice may conjure sultry romance, but Mover’s compositions are just not behaved enough or quiet enough to be boxed into simple comparisons. Consider the subtle country tones and experimental flourishes from organs, guitars and backing vocals on “Lord Only Knows” and “Mountainside.” Read More

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Local songwriter Emilie Mover takes the long view of heartbreak on her fourth solo album and Nevado debut, Mighty Time.

But despite the fact that almost every song concerns either heart matters or the passage of time (often both), the resulting record is far from a bummer.

Mover’s a laid-back, melancholy singer, but the varied arrangements bring out the whimsy in her songwriting: reverby synth-pop brushes up against piano ballads, upbeat pop rock tunes, psychsoul and hints of doo-wop.

The album closes with two songs that include a male perspective: a duet with Lefeuvre called Wasted Time and Only Him Or Me, a Townes Van Zandt cover that Mover makes her own.

Top track: Fishes


The concept of time is one that fascinates Emilie Mover, from the microcosmic musical elements of rhythm and tempo to the history of the human experience and beyond. It’s one she explores in 1detail on her latest full-length Mighty Time – lyrically, thematically, and also musically through sounds borrowed from various decades, never getting lost in her travels. Read More