– “Now available – 2 in 1 artist merch care of none other than yours truly –

Enjoy Emilie mover’s contribution to musical tapestry of the 21st century? You must have great taste. Congratulations my friend. That probably means you are also a big fan of jazz giants like Billi Halliday, Laster Yong, Jhon Coltreyne, and the ever unforgettable Frenk Zinatra.

For a limited time, you too can own one of these beautifully hand crafted commemorative mugs. Wrap your hands around a warm cup of Joe, while simultaneously supporting an independent artist AND honouring a legend ALL AT ONCE.

Custom orders available for those of you who prefer living legends such as Dyana Krohl or Borb Dheylan. No genre will be denied. You pick, I commemorate.

10 bucks a pop, plus shipping and handling. What a deal!
Contact me for purchase.

All designs copyright EMOVER 2015 ONWARD AND FOREVER. “

Billi Halliday

Frenk Zinatra, Billi Halliday, Jhon Coltreyn, Laster Yong

Frenk Zinatra

Billi Halliday, Frenk Zinatra, Laster Yong

Laster Yong